Kom Binnen

Nora Bacily

Visual anthropologist based in Amsterdam

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At 18, I graduated from high school and had no clue where to go from there. That summer I looked over every single Bachelor course the University of Amsterdam offered and chose Cultural Anthropology, which turned out to be a perfect fit! Still, I never felt completely at home at the university itself, often standing out for being one of few people of color.

As my bachelor’s was coming to an end, I enrolled in the Visual Anthropology elective where I came into contact with a new way of storytelling. It was amazing! This gave me a way to speak to people who were more like me and reach people beyond typical academic audiences.

For my first master’s I studied Gender and Sexuality Studies where I chose to make a thesis film. With help from an art school friend, I made my first feature length documentary: Live // Let Live, which revolves around the lives of adult bisexual people. This project reinforced my interest and love for film.

I then signed up for a second master’s in Visual Anthropology at Leiden University where I learned more about filmmaking, which allowed me to make Kom Binnen (Come In).

My approach revolves around creating intimate stories about fascinating people and experiences to contribute to a better, more equal, open and feminist future.


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